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Cabot Nightflyers -- Cabot, Arkansas

Enjoying Amateur Radio After Dark!

Welcome to the homepage of the Cabot Nightflyers, in Cabot, Arkansas...last updated on October 29, 2016.

It's always a good time to think of amateur radio, wherever you may be. The new domain was obtained on Nov. 2, 2009; the website is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution.

It's a Cookie Free Website, plus a Java Free Website, was created with the HTML Editor, and is hosted by . The total number of hits is at the bottom of the page, with a sponsor link.

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All amateur radio operators holding the equivalent of a valid U.S. Technician Class or higher license are welcome to join the net. The net is participatory in nature, and all stations checking into the net will be given an opportunity to comment. For an overview of the net itself, click here.

Any station checking into the Cabot Nightflyers Net at least five (5) times will be eligible to receive a special certificate, with a Unique Nightflyers Number. This certificate will be sent via email, so please make sure that your CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS is on file with the Cabot Nightflyers Mailing List.

You can send an email request with your Correct Email Address...submit a Question Or Comment Of The Week to be discussed on a future net...or join the Cabot Nightflyers Email List, by . You will need to have Javascript enabled in your web browser to access that link. Please place your name and your amateur radio callsign in the subject line, or it may be deleted as spam. The name and callsign subject line will be verified before processing the email. To contact the webmaster, click here.

You can find the Cabot Nightflyers on Facebook, or click on one of the navigation bars at the top of the page. You can also go to our Guestbook. And, you can also find the Cabot Nightflyers on YouTube (search for Cabot Nightflyers), and click on the appropriate links. While there aren't many videos at the moment, more will be added soon.

Thanks for joining us for ''late night amateur radio''!!

NOTE: Due to several issues, the net has greatly reduced its on-the-air presence. For details, click here.

Steve Tune, KC5FWE, Net Control -- Daryl Stout, WX1DER, Webmaster

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